In 1932, Registered Surveyor Eliot Orton Sinclair founded the firm ‘Eliot O Sinclair’ in Christchurch which has since evolved into the entity now known as Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd.

Eliot and his wife Connie had two sons: Marton and Bruce, and a daughter, Bronwyn. Both sons eventually joined the firm their father founded. Bruce qualified as a Registered Surveyor and joined Eliot in the business in 1974. Marton qualified not only as a Registered Engineer but also as a Registered Surveyor and joined the following year after returning from his OE in the UK.

Eliot retired in 1975 as Marton and Bruce took over the business. At that time, the company employed about ten staff, specialising in surveying while branching out into offering engineering services. Eliot sadly passed away in 1984 and, in 1985, the growing company was renamed Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd.

In 1996, Eliot Sinclair & Partners shook off the traditional family firm image and took on new partners to drive the company into an increasingly technological future: Mark Allan, a Registered Professional Surveyor involved in cadastral surveying and land development; Maurice Perwick, a Registered Professional Surveyor primarily involved in GPS topographical surveys, and hydrographic surveys; and John Brouard, a Chartered Professional  Engineer specialising in Structural and Civil Engineering. The company continued to grow as the new and incumbent directors worked together to diversify into Resource Management Planning, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Landscape Design and Urban Design.

A company rebrand as Surveyors, Engineers and Planners followed in 2005 and introduced the current logo. Up until 2009, the company had a traditional professional firm management structure with Director-Shareholders and Associates. In 2009, a second tier of ownership was added to the structure to provide for Principal-Shareholders.

The company has been through several changes in location and currently operates from modern premises in Troup Drive, Tower Junction.

Today, Eliot Sinclair Partners is a thriving, multi-disciplinary surveying, engineering,planning, landscape architecture and urban design consultancy, employing approximately 100 staff.


The Team

Symbiosis describes the ESP team perfectly. This diverse group of experts with different talents, skills and experiences works together to solve problems insurmountable to an individual, achieves better results, and delivers a truly integrated solution to the client.

Mark Allan,
Managing Director

Mark is a highly-experienced land development consultant with particular expertise in the management of large civil works projects.

Warren Haynes,

Warren’s expertise covers all areas of cadastral surveying, particularly land development, subdivisions and issues concerning cross leases and unit titles.

Richard Wilson,

Richard is adept at assessing earthquake damage to the structure of buildings, designing repair solutions, and being an expert witness in legal cases.

John Aramowicz,

As an expert Civil & Geotechnical Engineer, John works across a broad range of projects alongside an equally broad range of professionals and technology.

Travers Armstrong,

Construction solutions and property developments are Travers’ special area of expertise.

Maurice Perwick,

Maurice specialises in Topographical, Hydrographic, Monitoring and ‘out of the box’ survey, and was involved in the post-earthquake Kaikoura Project.

John Brouard,

John specialises in structural investigations, structural engineering and project management and is involved in all processes throughout a project.

Nick Harwood,

Nick’s engineering expertise covers geotechnical investigation; natural hazards risk assessment; environmental contamination assessment; ground improvement + more.

Marton Sinclair,
Principal (Retiring)

Doubly qualified, Marton is not only an engineer but also a surveyor, specialising in civil and geotechnical engineering.

Darren Hocken,

As a senior surveyor, Darren oversees survey projects and manages survey staff.

Bruce Sinclair,

Bruce is passionate about urban design and specialises in land developments encompassing industrial, commercial, urban and residential projects.

Keith Mills,

Keith is extremely competent in all areas of cadastral surveying and is involved in managing land development, land surveying, unit titles, resource consent projects, and contract administration.

Ken Burrowes,

Ken has logged many years of experience in design and engineering for land development on subdivisions although he also has special expertise in leading civil engineering projects for roading and drainage works.

Claire McKeever,

Claire’s planning expertise covers resource management planning for land development, land use and subdivision projects.

John Henry,

John’s specialist skill for the past few years has been in giving expert legal witness in relation to disputed earthquake repair claims but he also excels in other areas.

Simon Ironside,

Simon brings his expertise in cadastral surveying, project management, land development and hydrography to the ESP surveying team.

Jerry Schutte,

Jerry is appreciated within ESP and among clients for his exceptional ability to work with different people to bring a team and a project together.

Jade McFarlane,

Jade distinguishes himself in the areas of urban design, landscape architecture and project management.

Stuart Challenger,
Branch Manager Hokitika

Stuart quips that he can do just about anything – and there’s no doubt he is exceptionally versatile.

Barry O’Byrne,
Financial & Operations Manager

Barry’s expertise is behind the efficient financial and commercial day-to-day operations of ESP.

Ryan Mulligan
Branch Manager Queenstown

Expertise in land development, cadastral and construction surveying and project management.

Tereza Tutko,
HR Manager

Tereza’s role gives her full rein to hone her special skills, providing support to the management team, and guidance to all employees.