Ken Burrowes

Senior Engineering Designer
Joined in 1978

Ken manages the big stuff. He has logged many years of experience in design and engineering for land development on subdivisions although he also has special expertise in leading civil engineering projects for roading and drainage works. Ken should feel justifiably chuffed about his high-level involvement in the development of Ngai Tahu’s Wigram Airfield into 1,450 residential and 45 industrial sites. This project included complex designs for a wastewater pump station, wastewater lift station, two stormwater treatment areas and diversion of a stream as well as all the necessary associated water works. Co-ordinating input from everyone in the office, checking engineering plans, getting client approvals, preparing documentation for approval by councils and putting all works out to tender proved to be a massive undertaking.

Ken has also designed and lead the planning of a challenging but smaller development of 340 residential lots for the Kintyre Estate development in Masham Road. He was proud to see the completion of this project, resulting in the creation of a vibrant suburb.

While Ken is always keen to play more golf in his time away from the office, he is frequently torn between the ample golfing opportunities Canterbury offers and the simple pleasures of tending to his lifestyle block.