Site Surveys:


Eliot Sinclair & Partners has a track record of delivering hydrographic surveying services throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region, primarily in support of infrastructure development in the coastal zone, inland waterways and ports and harbours. 

ESP has undertaken a large number of surveys in support of dredging operations in New Zealand ports and harbours as well as in Hong Kong and Tonga. These include pre-, interim and post-dredge surveys on behalf of port authorities and dredging contractors; production of pre-, interim and post-dredging charting, reporting, volume calculations and sections of dredged channels; post-dredge contract resolution and mediation; and supply of differential and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS and tide services for real time dredging. 

Our hydrographic surveying work expertise includes:

  • The monitoring of sediment in rivers, lakes and hydro-electric canals.
  • Surveys in support of marina construction.
  • Estuarine surveys.
  • Bridge pile scour surveys.
  • Surveys for sewer outfalls.
  • Extensive post-Canterbury Earthquakes Sequence inspections and surveys. These surveys included the inspection and survey of outfalls, bridges, oxidation ponds and clarifiers, and Lyttelton Port berths including reconstruction of Cashin Quay No 1.