Land Development.

ESP offers our clients a ‘one-stop shop’ approach whereby the multi-disciplinary expertise required for successful land development projects can be sourced under one roof. Paramount to the timely delivery of our land development projects is the high value Eliot Sinclair places on communication, and the building and maintenance of relationships with clients, contractors and regulators throughout the process. 

We can manage the whole land development process from surveying; geotechnical and environmental engineering assessment; urban design; civil and structural engineering design; landscape architecture; resource management planning; through project management, contract observation and supervision, to successful completion. 

The range of land development work we have undertaken is diverse and includes ‘green field’ sites and the redevelopment of ‘brown field’ sites for large residential and industrial subdivisions, and high-profile commercial and retail developments. Eliot Sinclair has continually evolved its technical skills to better address the development of marginal, more difficult land. 

In the post-Canterbury Earthquake Sequence (CES) environment, land development, more than ever, requires a fully-integrated and interdisciplinary approach to ensure our client receives timely and co-ordinated advice to better inform their decisions. We are continually developing innovative, sustainable and cost-effective design solutions to address environmental constraints to the satisfaction of regulators and our clients. 

Recent land development projects we have undertaken include:

Wigram Skies, Kintyre Estates, Vanguard Drive, Highsted Residential, Linden Grove, Brusio Estate, Smith Street Kaiapoi, Ashley Forest Estates Stage 1, Rolleston Industrial (iPort) Development and LPC Midland Port.