Eliot Sinclair is a multicultural company, with many staff originally coming from different parts of the world. There is a story that few years ago, one Friday morning, someone wrote a simple note about afternoon drinks on the white board in the staff room and by the end of that day it had been translated into 19 different languages. Whilst some of our staff can’t imagine a Christmas day without a proper barbeque breakfast, others still find it hard to get used to the idea of Santa Claus wearing jandals and red shorts.

In 2013, we decided to brighten up the gloomy the cold winter and had our first Midwinter Christmas party at Eliot Sinclair, and thus an annual tradition began.

We have been fortunate enough to have some of our very talented staff entertaining us with live mood music at our Midwinter event, with Rick Paulsen, one of our Survey Technicians, playing beautiful festive tunes on his baby grand piano.

Inspired by the bad weather, we host the party in the style of a Northern Hemisphere Christmas. A tree is set up and decorated in the staff room, with the lingering aroma of mulled wine further adding to the atmosphere. Each year we ensure to indulge in delicious Christmas ham and other treats, as a full HD fire blazes from the fireplace on the TV screen.

We also use this festive occasion to celebrate and recognize staff achievements.