One of the team building events Eliot Sinclair strives to be involved with is the annual Mud, Sweat & Tears Challenge, held in Christchurch in the bitter throes of winter – perfect for insuring the course is wet and muddy!

Obstacles include a steep hill run, a water slide, crawling under barbed wire, rope jumps, climbing walls, jumping hay bales and old petrol drums, crawling under a covered mud pit, and going through tunnels submerged in mud and water. Licensed Cadastral Surveyor Mel O’Brien said her favourite obstacle was the tunnels and mud pit at the end of the race, “It was a great way to finish – covered from head to toe in mud!”

Each part of the company gets represented in the Mud, Sweat & Tears challenge – field assistants, surveyors, planners, engineers, environmental specialists, managers and directors. A team of supporters waits at the finish line in the ESP red gazebo base camp, with a barbeque a selection of hot and cold drinks, sweet treats and, most importantly, a gas heater.