Site Surveys:

Deformation Settlement Monitoring.

The optimal selection of equipment and survey methodology is essential to the successful delivery of results from a settlement or deflection monitoring survey. Eliot Sinclair’s strength is the matching of equipment and methodology to provide clients with options, and an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of those options. The best selection of equipment and the delivery of results can be achieved only through a combination of effective communication, technical expertise and experience. 

Eliot Sinclair& Partner’s surveying team is one of the largest, most experienced and technologically driven in New Zealand. We have a policy of owning and operating the most advanced surveying equipment and maintain this equipment to a high standard. Our innovative use of 12d Model software has been consistently recognised as the most advanced in Australia and New Zealand at the 12d Solutions Innovation Awards.

We have undertaken a large number of technically complex settlement, deformation and dilapidation monitoring surveys including:

  • Ground monitoring of the St Asaph Street and Blenheim Road carriageways as part of Christchurch City Council’s Western Interceptor Main Sewer upgrade project. 
  • Precise deformation monitoring (x, y & z axes) of adjacent buildings (including heritage buildings) during piling and multi-storey building construction (various sites). 
  • Precise settlement monitoring (z axis) of adjacent buildings and structures (various sites). 
  • Pre- and post-Christchurch Earthquakes Sequence (CES) monitoring of Lyttelton Port of Christchurch wharves and infrastructure. 
  • Tank farm settlement surveys pre- and post-CES (various sites). 
  • Eliot Sinclair was one of the few firms accredited by Land Information New Zealand to undertake precise geodetic surveys for the introduction of New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000, the basis of all mapping and cadastral surveying in New Zealand.