Eliot Sinclair has several biking teams, a team of twilight golfers, staff who kayak together, run together or go dancing together. The latest addition to the healthy lifestyle activities we take part in is workplace yoga.

The interest in workplace yoga was so overwhelming that we had to create two classes, where a total of 24 people practice yoga after work, once a week, on Monday or Tuesday nights.

The appearance of otherwise smart-casually dressed staff who show up in the staff room barefoot, in their shorts and comfortable t-shirts, was accepted by the rest of the company quite quickly. Few people are disconcerted by a crowd of lifeless bodies meditating on the floor of the staff room.

So, instead of rushing home to cook dinner for family or to watch TV, we stretch our backs into un-natural angles, salute the sun and try to breathe deeply whilst balancing in the position of a downward-facing dog! The improvement we have had in our sleep after yoga practice and the increased flexibility is priceless.

Whilst we take it all very seriously, we know very well how contagious silent laughter can be in our otherwise perfectly concentrated practice. Namaste to that!